Monsoon greenery

Vietnamese boat and sky

Tibetan student in his green sweater

Funky rickshaw roof in Rishikesh

Moss and turquoise paint in Mussoorie

Metal store front door


Rice paddies in Bali

Electrical Transformers

Lizard Silhouette

About rebeccalayton

I am an artist traveling and studying in India and Southeast Asia. You can see some of my artwork at
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4 Responses to Green

  1. Jeanne Marie Wasilik says:


    How the heck are you? Where are you now? I haven’t kept up with your blogs because I have been so busy. But I do think of you, fondly, and hope you’re well. Sounds like it.

    Love, Jeanne Marie

  2. Devreaux says:

    Dear rebecca…I loved these! I feel as though I have become one with color, prints, hand-blocks, that chicken sounding virus thingie, gorgeous children, cows, tigers, all the elements of rain…..I cannot thank you enough! I am so happy to hear you are living there….! I am working with an ayurvedic doctor and all i can think about is a trip to Kerala…….someday…..
    big hugs,

  3. Mary says:

    These are great, Rebecca! Green doesn’t get nearly enough recognition. What’s the back story on the lizard?

    Looking forward to seeing you after Christmas.


  4. Nice to see it (excepting the garage door)- Hope you’re liking where you are. Best Wishes, r

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