Patterns I Fancy

Here are some of my favorites from the past year:

Tiles from a French colonial cafe in Hanoi

Anokhi indigo prints at our hotel in Ranthambore

Rapture in turquoise

Crazy Delhi Decorative Architecture

Okay, so this is one of mine; it's still a favorite!

Color and subtle pattern at a temple in Bali

From the Anokhi archives

Gotta love the Rajputs! Black and white perfection.

Floor and wall of the crumbling palace in Bhuj, Gujarat

Balinese Batik

Printers sampling at Anokhi farm

Gujarati wall: oh my heavenly textiles!

And for the finale: a sheet in a crappy Delhi airport hotel. And this, ladies and gentleman, is why despite all of the other horrifyingly difficult things about India, I have no choice but to LOVE IT. A crappy motel???!!! This is design genius, people!

About rebeccalayton

I am an artist traveling and studying in India and Southeast Asia. You can see some of my artwork at
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