Winterline Sky

So it was almost a month ago that we had our opening up in Mussoorie at the Winterline Centre for the Arts, a gallery and residency started by Steve Alter and connected with the Woodstock School.  (A lot of links in that sentence!)  And it is only now that I have the wherewithal to put these images out to the world.  (Here you go, world!)


Power Puff ladies with Steve at the reception

Carrie and Jeff framing her large rickshaw photos

Installation of my small paintings with custom-made cushions below

Jenny getting all sari-ed up before the opening

Jenny and her monkey drawings at the opening

Lily in front of her painting installation

Carrie's rickshaw photos


Wearable art

Another installation shot


Stunning views from where we stayed


About rebeccalayton

I am an artist traveling and studying in India and Southeast Asia. You can see some of my artwork at
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4 Responses to Winterline

  1. madelon says:

    Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful! You are my hero, Rebecca! Your time in India seems so tailor fit for you. I envy your clarity of focus. BRAVO, and I’m glad you found so much support and good contacts to realize your aspirations on fabric.
    Did you visit Shankar Market in New Delhi? Chock full of fabric stores, reams and reams of prints, or handlooms (not all hand prints but very cool and cheap and good notions stores also). It’s on a spur off Connaught place with many different shops. Maybe we went together? I forget too much…. mamamind.
    Love to you and hope to see you in France this summer:-)

  2. Thanks Madelon! I would LOVE to see you in France this summer. Right now I have to see how long my money holds out. I wish we could both transport ourselves to Shankar Market now and have a textile-a-thon. It is thanks to you that I got bitten by the India bug. 🙂

  3. Lila says:

    What a wonderful exhibit! Your work is incredible and I love it that you can wear it too. Thanks for posting pictures of the other artists’ work too. Y’all are doing great work. Lila

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